SYNTHETIK Interactive Music Showreel

Some of the interactive music tracks I produced for the Game SYNTHETIK. Each Battle Track consists of 5 20 sec long loops that are randomly played to achieve more variety during gameplay.

The game was nominated for best Game Design at the German Game Awards 2019 (Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2019).

A Mysterious Journey

Tiger & Turtle

Dystopian Mood

Tron Fan Film

LazerCave Jump and Run

I programmed this little jump and run in unreal engine 4 to implement my music in a game using FMOD.

I composed several short tracks and everyone of them has a certain probability that it will be played. This ensures that there is more variety in the music.
You can also handle certain events in the game with music clips and trigger them through the audio middleware FMOD.

Additionally all sound effects such as fireballs, hits etc are triggered through FMOD as well.